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Corporate Branding
Social Media
Corporate Branding
Social Media
A safety brand.
Safety is the most important basic need of every human being. However, advertising for security service represents an outstanding communicative challenge. How is it possible to radiate expertise and trustworthiness to customers?

Well, challenge accepted!
Is safety instagrammable?
Can the topic of security be relevant in the short-lived and trend-driven world of social media channels? For VLV-Security we have developed content that is “sexy”, “instagrammable”, and yet relevant for our customer's target group.
Powerful content for a powerful brand.
With important messages and educational information, we have positioned the VLV-Security brand as an expert in the field of security services. In addition to the actual B2B target group, our content has also reached other interested parties and was able to convince not only the customers of VLV Security, but also those affected by the services offered by VLV Security.
  • High reach and high interaction rates
  • Positive reviews on online platforms for VLV Security
B2B Acquisition through performance marketing.
The COVID19 pandemic and the associated restrictions on public life have hit retail operators particularly hard. The situation was so dynamic, especially in autumn and winter, that very few retailers were able to adapt to the conditions.

Through a targeted acquisition campaign on the Facebook and LinkedIn channels, we have given retailers the opportunity to receive digital security concepts and free advice quickly and easily from security experts of VLV Security.
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