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Online Campaign
Real estate can be so easy!
Most people feel already terrified as soon as they think about the impending sale of their own home or other real estate. Together with us, Ten Immobilien has ensured that property owners can enjoy a peaceful slumber without even wasting a thought about ongoing real estate deals.
Lightning-fast regional brand awareness.
The goal was clear: rapid regional brand presence with small adspend. We achieved this goal through print campaigns and offline audience targeting for Ten Immobilien. By resorting to classic print media, the trust of the mostly elder target group was achieved through first haptic contact with the brand.
Purpose-driven performance.
Performance marketing is boring. Annoying consumers and potential customers across all platforms with inappropriate ads for products and services has never helped any brand. For Ten Immobilien we have set up our online marketing campaign precisely with the problems and worries of our target group to present solutions rather than products. Advertisements were only placed when Ten Immobilien’s services were actually able to solve the problems of those who were looking for solutions.

The results of this campaign are phenomenal:
Our advertisements, which were individually tailored to the needs of the respective target group, were able to achieve an unbelievable click-through rate of over 20% on average.  

For comparison: the average online ad is considered successful if it achieves a click-through rate of approx. 4 - 7%. Our campaign for Ten Immobilien clearly proves that real problem solving is still the best advertisement!
+ 20% CTR
Our Performance
4-7% CTR
Average Performance
Digitizing an analogue world.
Another challenge of our campaign for Ten Immobilien was addressing the older target group, which was of great importance for the acquisition campaign. To gain the trust of this target group, we have decided to provide detailed information brochures in addition to the digital information options. The brochures, which outlined the process and special features of the services, were received with great goodwill by the relevant target group, especially because of their clarity and comprehensibility.
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