Passionate communication
No more endlessly long keynotes, no more pointless opinion polls, no classic monotonous agency business!

The two co-founders and partners entered the advertising industry years ago as lateral entrants. Both have one thing in common: the passion for communication. Together they look back on years of experience in product and service marketing. As both partners have chosen different career paths than advertising in the past, they are able to think out of the box and deliver limitless creative excellence.
Our work not only convinces our customers and consumers. We are proud that our work is also valued and recognized by top-class juries. As a premium creative agency, it is our daily business to develop outstanding & groundbreaking campaigns for our customers.
In this loud noisy world, it no longer matters who can shout the loudest, it is more about who can deliver his own message in the smartest way.

That is why we look for ne paths for our customers that go beyond the outdated advertising methods. We take a close look at products and services, ask a lot of questions and design individual solutions to position your company on the market.

We create advertising that inspires, moves, tells stories and sells your product perfectly.
Do you remember when advertising consisted of smashing coupons to newspaper ads and hoping that your price would be lower than that of your competitors?

It goes without saying that these times have long been history. Today's customers expect more than just blunt prompts to buy. They want real brands, with real messages and a clear attitude.

Today it’s no longer a solution to shout your own message into the crowd as loud as possible.
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Our founders
Ertugrul Altun
Ertugrul Altun was already able to captivate and inspire with precise words during his time at law school. As creative director and partner at Altun & Martire, he now develops unique and outstanding campaigns and ads for our customers that express messages in an extraordinary way.
Marc Martire
Marc Martire is partner and strategy manager at Altun & Martire. He supports clients in the development and optimization of ad- and product development strategies. In addition to his strategic expertise, the business economist is driven by the passion for aesthetics that he brings to the art direction of projects.
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